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Little League Baseball Game


Servicing teams, schools and businesses with quality apparel since 2005, Mikini is committed to making team product ordering easier. We are focused on bringing you the best uniform, t-shirt and outerwear styles and getting them to you in the quickest and most cost effective way possible. If your team needs uniforms or apparel your best bet is MIKINI!

Best of all we are a full service operation, which means we have full control of products, graphics, printing and/or embroidery that will go on your items.

Sublimation is an advanced way to customize your team gear. Through a process of fusing fabric with ink before the jerseys are cut and assembled, sublimation enables printing of the entire jersey and trumps some of the constraints of screen printing. If you choose to go with sublimation, you can print on every inch of your jersey, from neck to seam, and across the entire sleeve. Since sublimated inks are fused directly with the fabric, the jersey will perform as well and feel as smooth as a blank jersey, no matter what designs you sublimate across the fabric.

We feature Augusta, Holloway, Game, A4, High 5, Badger and Under Armour.

Create and customize team apparel, outerwear, practice wear, uniforms.



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If you have any special requests send a email or give us a call to set up an appointment to meet with us.

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